Reader Survey~ I need your help!


Sometimes I need to re-group a bit and figure out my direction a little better.  

Last year was a weird year for me as far as blogging.  
I hit a major funk last June.
Thought about deleting my site.  A lot. 
Life "things" got in the way of blogging...
(which, they should...because that is LIFE and this is just blogging, yo.)
But I had a hard time recovering the joy in it.
I wanted to be going one way, but always felt pulled back to doing what suits me best...
Even if it isn't what my heart was after at the time. 

I wanted to shift gears completely and be a real writer.
Write about life and faith and Jesus.  
And forget the artwork altogether.  
So I battled against that for a while...
Having these other writers in my sights~ trying to become them...instead of just being me.

Then I sat in church and listened to the pastor preach on limits.
Like, I'm suppose to embrace them or something...
('Crazy pastor' may have sifted through my mind 65 times that Sunday morning.)
All my life, I've prided myself in blowing past them.  
Because I HATE limits. 
I liked wow factors and performance-based living.
Even if it sucked all the life out of me.
And then this talk on limits. 
And being okay with them.
Realizing I have my niche.
God gave me a specific 'thing' and 
maybe, just maybe...He doesn't want me running ahead of Him all the time.

So I have eased back into my blog better the last couple months or so. 
Slowly at first.
Because I am head strong and have to learn things over and over in order to obey.
I enjoy focusing on my character art.  
And I enjoy all the other blog topics I post about~ 
Jesus being my favorite:). 
I write in different spaces, too.  
So that I can work at being an author someday,...maybe...
but not allow that desire to mess up what works for me right here:  
this blog. 
my art. 
and all the little pieces of life I enjoy sharing with you.  

So all that to say, I feel a little more at home this summer.
With who I am
and all the limits I am learning to respect along the way.
Those limits- the ones that, when I embrace them, keep me in the exact right spot for my life's story- 
have given me back the joy in writing and blogging in this place.  
That's good. 
And now I am re-focusing a bit on what topics I enjoy~ 
What topics YOU enjoy.  
So, help a girl out. 
Can you take 10 minutes to answer 20 questions?
Reader surveys are a good way to take inventory of your audience and yourself as a blogger. 
And I think after a year of funk, it's about time:).  

Please click here to take the survey.
And if you do take it before it closes, email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com.
(with the subject------>SURVEY)
I'll gift you with something little, but suh-weet.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. I hear you Sister! I keep running ahead of Jesus and He has to keep leading me around with a bit lol. I want to be an author too, and He has told me that I will be a writer, but I become afraid. Right now I am sketching. Jesus has made it clear that this is what He wants me doing. And He has got me involved with copics and colouring, teaching me this new medium so I can use them in my sketching. But I am still recovering from what a Pastor {ex} friend said to me last year - "What could you possibly have to offer?"
    And so I am slowly picking myself up and letting Jesus put me back together again. I don't know what purpose my art has, but I do know that when I am creating, I am doing what He has made me to do. I am whole.
    So thank you for sharing your heart. It doesn't make me happy to see others struggling to find their place, but it lets me know that I am not alone. And perhaps we can walk this road together in some way. Jesus is awesome like that.
    God bless you dear Sister. May He bless you abundantly, filling you with His joy and peace and may your cup be running over. xo

    1. Wow! I don't know what he meant by that comment... Sounds like you are using the talents God gave you.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this Krista, not that it's nice to hear of your struggles, but your honesty is so pure and a few things I can relate to. I went and did the survey and hope that it helps in some little way. xx

  3. HI Krista, I did your survey but could not email you with the address you supplied. I hope you read my notes at the end and please remember that All things are possible with God. When my son entered West Point, they told them to take one day at a time and after the day ended just thank God that you got through it with putting Him first. There is a season for everything. Reading Joan's remarks makes me realize that sometimes people can put a lot of guilt on you and a lot of expectations on you. Don't let that happen and don't do it to yourself. That is not God's plan for any of us. Prioritize your life and learn to appreciate what you have and what you do for the moment. God wants us to have peace and that starts when we can accept what we have and know that we are capable of doing anything we want in life but we need to let go and let God and He will guide you as to what is appropriate for the time in your life. Turn it over to Him and He will let you do it all in due time...

  4. Love your honesty Krista, always have. Your 'slice of life' journaling, is one of my favourite things about your blog. I found you because of your art, I stay because of your heart. Mwah, Wends x

  5. Love reading your blogs. I don't always get to comment but they do inspire me to think. :) I strongly believe that if you keep thinking about what the pastor said or if it felt like he was talking to you directly during church.... that is not the pastor talking that is the Spirit talking. :) Anyway, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and I hope that is not quitting your blog or your art. ;)

  6. Wendy Nicola Jackson got rhyming skillz, yo!

    Survey, done.

  7. xoxox
    Have done the survey
    Thank you for being so open and honest ...
    It is your Blog ... and you should post what you are passionate about .... it is up to the reader if they want to read that post or not ..... we all have different likes/dislikes and interests ... but its always great to share your passion ..... you never know who may be on the journey with you ... or would like to jump aboard for the ride.

  8. I always enjoy your blogposts, all of them, the art, the kids.
    Will take the survey in a minute!!

  9. Hi, Just wanted to say that Wendy & Kellie said it for me !
    Blessings to you & yours, Holly

  10. You are a genorous, sweet and loving person, is my honest opinion and I love that you are yourself and be honest. Thank you for a chance to help you regroup, I hope you will draw your fabulous images for a long time to come and improve yourself constantly, lots of hugs, Marion

  11. I´ve been following you for quite some years now, and I´ve always relaly enjoyed your blog. First I found it for the craft, but I soon got to love it, for all your entries about everything going on in your life, so I really feel, I´ve got to know you over the years, and I absolutely love that we can both laugh and cry together Krista, cause noone just has a perfect life with no ups and downs, and that is one thing I sooo love here, it feels soo genuine and honest, and it´s not just about getting some more customers, like some blogs are, and that makes me just love to come here and read every time, even I admit, I don´t always have time to comment too, but i do pretty often thoug.
    Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work, you´re already doing hun, that´s why we love you. Take good care.

  12. Krista, you are an inspiration to so many people and your faith in God truly shines brightly! You are an amazing artist and God has blessed you as an artist and as a writer. I believe that God speaks to us everyday and in the right moment you can hear him speak to you through your heart. Always stay focused on God and he will lead you right where you are meant to be. I enjoyed taking the survey and what you wanted to know from your fans. You are an amazing women and I love you for who you are! (((Hugs)))

  13. You are a fabulous writer and the fact that you share so much about yourself and your family(along with your art) is what makes your blog so special! {hugs}

  14. I have to agree with Wendy. I found you because of your beautiful images but I have come to love your honesty and your pure heart. Sometimes God puts us in a funk just so we can see Him in the place where we are. Thanks for being the beautiful and crazy person that God made you. And as it has been said before do this for you and we will enjoy your ride :) Giant Hugs, Tracy.

  15. Hi Krista, I have done the survey and emailed you, I do hope that peeps do this and that it helps you in even a small way, but hopefully even more so.

    I think that it's a great idea to let your followers have a voice, then at least you know that you are going in the right direction, I am sure that you are, I love your designs and want to own more of them. I'm working on that lol!

    Hugs Jan xxx

  16. Survey completed! Love easy tasks to start my day. :) While I love commenting and "sharing a piece of my mind" as your survey asked, sometimes I wonder if reading all of these comments puts more of a drag on you as the blogger. I hope you are able to take what you need from comments and carry on, never letting them weigh you down. Have a wonderful day. :)

  17. Krista thanks for sharing the struggles you have been going through. I took a 2 year break from it all due to life situations and have just been back the past year.

  18. you do sound focused Krista. You know what you want just taking a few detours to get there.

  19. Wendy said it better than I could have!

  20. I love that you blog about what's happening with you....in the moment. It maybe crafty, it maybe your faith or your kids. It's like the "box of chocolates"....don't know what we're going to get, but know it's going to be yummy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts...and life...with us!

  21. Follow your heart Krista, it is what will lead you. Do what you love to do and don't find any regrets in that. We all only have one life and it's best to make the best of it and enjoy it all at the same time. I also did your survey and hope it gives you a little insight.

  22. Wishing you a Wonderful day doll!!!! Hugs, Heidi

  23. I have had some similar things going on for me over the past little while. I have been more focused on my family which draws me away from my crafting/creating. I've been working on ways to balance it out so I can still do both, but still focus more on my family. Thank you for sharing your posts.

  24. Hi Krista, I did your survey this morning. I hope it will provide you the answers you're looking for. For me you don't need to change anything. I wish that you write about what you want to write about and not write about things where you believe from we want to read it, while you don't really like to write about it. I think your a loving, caring and giving person and your blog posts show me another way of looking to the world and I love it.


  25. Hi Krista. I did the survey last night; BUT I forgot to post here and send my email.. momto4ss@gmail.com

  26. Thank u for allowing us to share in your family and life.

  27. Survey done and what a pleasure to do it thank you x

  28. Hiya Krista! Just took your survey! I am SO happy you've decided against deleting your blog, we are so many that love reading your posts, both the crafty ones and the one about your life n kids ♥

  29. I have done the survey and provided honest answers to your honest questions. Hope it helps :)

  30. Please carry on with your blog posts, I only comment on very rare occasions but I love reading your posts, whether it's about your gorgeous children, your beliefs or your life in general. Your artwork is wonderful and I'm sure that writing has got a big place in your heart judging by the stories you tell us. Never change. x

  31. Hey Krista! I took the survey yesterday. Absolutely love your blog & I also follow you on Instagram. Your an amazing woman! Please keep it up! I love all of your topics & enjoy the variety! Including you gorgeous art work. I own over 75 of your digital stamps Ü

  32. Krista, I took your soul searching survey. ( no "little something" needed ) It's so easy to feel lost or in a funk. Just know that you are a wonderful writer and VERY talented artist. Anything you do that makes you happy is good for your soul. ~jeni :)

  33. I guess I missed the survey but I read every blog post. I love your artwork and all your writing about everything.

  34. Hi Krista ~ Well I did miss taking the survey for you, sorry about that, but I just want you to know how much inspiration and soul searching you bring to me by your words and art. You are VERY talented girlfriend, and I hope to see more of your amazing digital images. The detail you add to them is above and beyond so many others out there! I have a blog, but I'm really not that good with words and expressing myself. Sometimes when I feel lost YOUR words are what centers me again. Blogging shouldn't feel like work I keep telling myself too, but then when I do take a break I miss it. I'm not sure if this is how you feel about it too, but there is always something that draws me back in. I know you will do what is best for you and your family, but I do hope that you will continue on here because I think you touch more people that you even realize. At least you have touched a place in my heart ~ Thank you!!

    Peace & Luv,



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