Creative Arts Camp


Last week I spent the evenings teaching an art class for the creative arts camp at our church.
We spent five nights talking about God's artistry in the world around us.
We dripped paint onto chairs.
And maybe spilled some on floors.
We glued fingers to paper.
Spilled paintbrush water down tabletops.
And somewhere in between the messiness and chatter and giggles, 
the children filled our room with beauty.  
Painted bottles.
Driftwood sailboats. 
When we lined the tables with the projects on Friday afternoon, I was amazed at what all the little fingers had made throughout the week
And thankful that my God is an Artist. 
That He has designed us to be creators, too.
And that, for some reason, kids are especially wonderful at creating~
That their pieces, with mixed paint and dripping colors, 
Were so much more beautiful than my carefully painted example projects...

I was reminded to create with the freedom and joy of a child.
Uninhibited with expectation.
And perfectly content with every marvelous imperfection.

...That perhaps the artist-heart of God is best revealed in the creative pursuits of children.


  1. Krista, this is the perfect reason to take a break from the computer. I did this myself at our church a few years back and had a blast with the kids. Thank you for reminding me Who gives us our art abilities and to not be so hard on myself while creating since I'm really being hard on Him and the gifts He gave me.

  2. Sounds wonderful! They were blessed to have you.

  3. Thanks for your uplifthing story.
    Gr Elly

  4. What a wonderful, splendid, beautiful mess! What a blessing it must have been to teach the children about God's artistry! Just awesome!

  5. that is so much fun, i wish more children would do that

  6. I was looking forward to seeing some of your pics from the inspirational week, it looks and sounds lovely, I am so happy for you you could join this, lots of hugs, Marion

  7. Love that Krista. What a cool week to have had. An inspiring reconnecting fun week. Bless you for sharing your talents with them. Hugs, Wends x

  8. Fabulous post Krista as always full of lovely and exciting moments with beautiful photos too! x

  9. Dear Krista!
    God gave you great talents and I'm sure HE's smiling when you gave your talents back to the kids at the camp...!!!
    Be blessed,

  10. What an amazing outcome - and yes, we should be free like children when we create, but unfortunately the world has said we are not to colour over the lines, and we are so often still frozen there.

  11. How wonderful to share your artistic gift and faith to the children at camp.

  12. Love that you could use your gifts for God's glory in this special way!



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