Driftwood Sailboat~


I found this sweet sailboat project on Pinterest forever ago and thought it would be fun to share on here for you mamas who like to decorate your home with handmades from your kiddos.  Philly and Niamh both made one too, so we have them scattered through the house.  It will take you longer to find the driftwood than to do the whole project~ but who cares, the driftwood search is even pretty fun.  

Here we go: 


We used painting dropcloth~ cheap and it works great.
Awesome driftwood seller on etsy (in case you don't live near a beach)...


After you fold it, make sure you really adhere it to the dowel/stick...if not, the sail will slip down.


Drill a small hole in your driftwood.
Don't do this on top of your new kitchen tablecloth...in case you go all the way through.
And maybe put a hole in the cloth.
Not that I'd know or anything.


Now just put your sail in your boat and let dry.


It is so pretty, huh?
Pinterest win-lose record after this beauty?
(Counting my buffalo-chicken-pillsbury-dough-roll a tie.  It sucked; but no one actually threw up...broke even on that one.)

Happy crafting, friends!!


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I love this! Mo would adore doing that...off to find some driftwood! well...any excuse to go to the beach is good!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. what a fab idea and so lovely the result, tfs, hugs, Marion

  3. What a fab thing to make and it turned out brilliant and to think driftwood you can pickup so easily thank you for sharing this x

  4. What a pretty result - my brothers used to hollow out dried flax (flower) stalks and make canoes with them, but they never had sails :-).

  5. So cool and cute!!
    Wish you a wonderful day!



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