Instagram Art;

I've mentioned before that my favorite social media tool is Instagram.  I enjoy seeing people's lives (even if they are polished up and beautifully edited) through their square photos.  It is probably the most visually inspiring place for me... and following people that inspire me is where my art often starts.  There are a ton of amazing "photographers" (using that term loosely, as most are not actual real-life photographers) on IG capturing everything from their morning latte to their kids' quirky style~ and everything in between~ who transfer their own creativity through perfectly executed photo captures. 

I have started to draw from my favorite IG feeds once a week.  It is a good way for me to practice digital art from a place that I enjoy browsing anyway.  I always ask permission before illustrating based on another person's photo; and then send that print snail mail as a 'thank you.'

These are my first two:
Top piece is from @ever_and_willa called "Everleigh and Willamina".
The artwork below is from @pics_missmaya and is called "Waiting for Pancakes".
I did them in two different styles, as I learn to use the brushes a little better for adding color... 
I like sketchy art like the one above...because it feels messy and sketch-pad-ish.  
The pancakes piece is more refined... but I am pretty pleased with it (compared to the first pieces I colored in a month ago:)
... I actually love this one:).

You can follow along my random IG artwork @kristacanary...
I'm still deciding on my next feed to draw from...decisions, decisions;).


The goal is to put a nice portfolio together with the end result someday being a children's book. 
It is always about moving forward with your craft...
Planning things out to help you achieve a future goal, even if that is a slow process with far-away results...
Plugging along in ways that keep you inspired, motivated, and always practicing!

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Oh what a beautiful thing - to be inspired and then to gift your talent back to them. I hope you post all the images here, these are adorable!

  2. beautiful drawings :) I love them <3

  3. Both are gorgeous, Krista!!! Love this new direction for your art! Then again, I adore ALL your art! Lol Keep on being inspired! :-)

  4. Gorgeous images, Krista. I love them :) Hugs, Joanna

  5. They are lovely! I'm sure you'll get to that goal and I love to see that children's book.


  6. Stunning Krista! I love Love, LOVE the second one. You are so inspiring!

    P.S. Did I mention how much I love them? ;o)

  7. Totally gorgeous...you're so talented!!! My son asked me today if you could come and teach him how to draw like you do! LOL! He (along with my daughter and myself) LOVE all of your images! You rock =)

    Crafty Hugs!

  8. A book someday, you have the talent to move forward in that direction!! I would be the first in line to purchase !!!! Love love all your images......

  9. What kind of digital program are you using? Love the watercolor look you are achieving. Well done!

  10. I LOVE then both-but especially the pancake! Love the light rays!!! TFS!!!

  11. Amazing - your talent is endless! :)

  12. These are amazing Krista! Your God given talent is such a blessing. Thank you for blessing us by sharing.

  13. Stunning images Krista, and so distinctively 'you'.

  14. the drawings are amazing am a big fan of drawings. i am glad you chose to share them

  15. Soooooooo cool Krista! Love that second one. Insanely cool. Love them both actually. So lovely to see you honing your craft your way. Mwah, Wends x

  16. You are amazing!! That is all.

  17. These are awesome! You are very talented :)

  18. I love both, but the sketchy one is particularly nice for me. A children's book would be just wonderful. Good luck with that. You are so talented, you can definitely do it! x



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