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Project Life catch up from early August through this week~
And I still have two or three more pages to finish, but this week was too busy to get them all knocked out.

Niamh turned 11 this month (whaaaat?!), and we celebrated with a Yankees-themed birthday party this past Sunday.  Our kids are obsessed with the Yankees (they check baseball highlights first thing every morning)...So this was a really fun party to plan!  We even had a big family whiffle ball game.  

This month we went to the Philadelphia Zoo with friends and had a total blast.  We searched the whole zoo over for sloths~ and found two different ones!  Philly was on cloud nine:).  

We switched our bedroom with Philly's room...so we sleep right across the hallway from the kids now.  Which means they sneak over in the mornings after Phil leaves for work, and we all snuggle and watch tv for a while.  (We do share the room with Philly's guinea pigs.  But they only squeal in the mornings, so our roomies are working out okay so far.)

I am gearing up for another year of homeschooling.  I am excited about the coming year, because we have made so many changes in our curriculum. I'll post about it later in the week~ I think this year will be awesome! 

Phil and Niamh were reading The Giver together the past two weeks, and they just finished up yesterday.  We all headed over to the theater last night, so they could compare the book and movie.  It was 'their thing'~ but Philly and I got to tag along and enjoy the conversations about characters and plot:).  Now they are planning to start The Princess and the Goblin.  

Is there anyone else out there looking forward to Boxtrolls??  Philly and I can't wait~ Niamh already said she refuses to see that 'creepy movie.'  (She was scarred for life from Coraline, and I think this is made by the same people?)  Anyhow... it is a mom and son date in September, for sure.  

That is a peek into August with a few pages of photos, too.  I love collecting all the PL journal cards~ but am still trying to figure out a good storage solution.  Any tips would be appreciated... Also, does anybody organize them into categories??... Mine are stored in photo boxes (uncategorized), and I pull them all out every time I work on pages (which is a little annoying:).  I need help:).

Thanks for stopping by today!
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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loe your photo's again Krista!!
    And I would love to hear storage solutions too!!
    i don't have PL cards (yet) but I have boxes and boxes full of photo's, just in little enveloppes with the dat on it, LOL
    So if I have to search for a specific phot, well, it takes half a day!!

  2. Love your photo's. Congratulations for Niah her birthday. Sorry can't help with your PL journal card, I don't do PL.

    Love the iPhone wallpaper. Thank you.


  3. Beautiful post again Krista as always they are full of lots of interesting things x

  4. Love love your pages! I enjoy the different angles you capture! So many time we look for a perfect shot instead if realizing we have no matter how perfectly its taken. Tfs! ((Hugs)) -Christine

  5. Looks like you had a very busy month - your little people are growing up so fast - treasure these times :-)

  6. I just saw the previews for Boxtrolls and I was wondering how the littles would like it. Jennifer McGuire has an awesome method of storing her PL cards. She does put them into categories and uses nifty trays and containers.



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