Project Life, Weekend.


Excited that the weekend is just a few minutes away.  We had one of those Fridays where you lock yourself out of the house for three hours.  And all your trash bags fly out of the back of your truck on the way to the dump.  And maybe you end the night by eating chips and cheese instead of getting on the treadmill.  

Here is to hoping that Saturday starts off on a better note:).

But, hey~ here are some of the past two week's Project Life pages... I don't know about you, but looking at beach and pig photos makes me happy ... even after a little bit of a rough day.  Such a sweet reminder of how good even the messy days really are.  

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Aww Krista, that's both awful for you and hilarious! I can just imagine the trash flying out the back of your truck and you merrily riding on none the wiser! Hehe. Sorry about the 'messy' day, but oh babes, you so know how to brighten mine. I was so chuffed to see all your gorgeous Project life piccies tonight and the way you share your stories always makes me smile. I had an extra treat tonight when I found the sweet pixie gift too. You are such a generous soul hunny. One day, one day... I'm so gonna take you out for a cup of joe xxxx

  2. Thinking of you and hoping you had a better day today friend!! =)

  3. Here's to a better day and an awesome weekend! Love your PL pages :) My kid's are in love with August, they think he's just adorable :)

  4. Krista ,i cant see where to put it but i wanted to say thank you very much for the free digi on Kit and clowderShe is so cute .Honora .

  5. Love your PL pictures. Hope your weekend was so much better than your Friday was. For next Friday I wish it's a fantastic one.




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