Triangle Art DIY


We switched some rooms around in our home last week~ Phil and I took Philly's room (smallest in the house), and he is going to move into a sectioned off, half-room we are re-doing completely (later in September).  Our walls are pretty bare still, but I found an easy, cheap paint-chip project on Pinterest to add some color to the room.  The only cost was the frame.  

(Let's just pretend the room isn't covered in paneling from 1973.  It will come down someday; but in the meantime, we refer to it as 'retro'.  Not ugly.  Even if both are valid.)

What you need:

1.  Paint chip samples in your favorite color scheme.  And maybe some printed or textured scrap paper for an extra touch of fun.  (I used cork-board paper for a few triangles.)

2.  Scissors.  Or, if you want to cheat (don't feel bad; I cheated, too)... use a triangle punch.  It literally takes 99% less time to complete the project.  

3.  Cardstock.  

4.  Glue.

5.  Frame.  

Once my triangles were punched out, I filled in a 8x1o space on my paper with them~ just laying them out to figure out my color scheme.  Then I went through with glue, sticking them down.  (The ends of each row are triangles cut down the center.)  

Like I said, super easy.  
And I kinda love it.  


It makes the perfect piece of custom artwork for any room, since you can use colors and patterns to match your decor.  Each of the kids made one this week, too, in their own color scheme... Pretty simple; simple pretty~ the best kind of project:).

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Great idea! Might look nice for my daughter's college dorm room!

  2. This is great!! Your new room is SO pretty btw! Totally gonna have to try this!!

  3. What an lovely project. Looks fantastic in your bedroom.

    Had to laugh about your comment about your retro wood paneling. When I saw the photo of the wood paneling I thought that's not too bad for paneling from 1973. Here in the Netherlands most things where painted dark brown or orange. That would in my opinion definitely be ugly.


  4. Oh Krista, I love your bedroom, with all the dangly decorations but your triangle picture in a frame is lovely, a basic quickish idea to transform any boring wall in to a themed wall.
    With regard to the paneling on your bedroom walls, have you thought about distress painting them??? Maybe you might have sand the wood first but just think of what it could look like!!!
    Im sure we would all like to see the finished result (If you dont mind sharing with us, that is)
    {{{{happy crafting hugs}}}}
    Marg B ;0 xxx

  5. Your frame is so lovely and fits so well to the room, TFS, hugs, Marion

  6. Cute - and your bedroom is a really snug fit ;-)

  7. Ooh I love this! I do have little swatches of paint colours around the place. Really cool idea! Hugs, Wends x

  8. Chalk paint would cover those walls beautifully, It would look stunning painted in Chalk white! Love your Art work :)



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