Banner Love


I am a 'fill the walls with any and every- thing" type of person.  
Blank wall space actually makes me nervous:).  
So there is a little irony in the fact that years ago I fell in love with an A-frame house.
Almost every wall is on a steep angle. 
Try hanging things on the inside of a triangle. 
It doesn't work too well.

I have resorted to banners. 
They are super easy to make and fill in the places that need a little color and decorating love. 

The simplest ones to make just require card stock, two sided tape, and twine.  
The nice thing for us crafty folks is the amount of scrap paper we have lying around, perfect for this type of project!
I wanted a really plain colored banner with pops of animal print for our bedroom, so it cost maybe 5 bucks of cardstock and a whole 10 minutes to make:).  
So easy!


I also have quite a few fabric ones hanging around.  
They are a bit more time consuming to make since I have to drag out the sewing machine...
But, seriously.
It is still so easy and can be made to match any decor style...
And who doesn't love fabric shopping? 
(I do. I do. I do.  I don't even care if it is the lamest thing ever. Fabric stores are happy places.)


So the next time you need a little pop of color in your craft room or living space, pull out your paper stash, tape, and twine.  
Add a few strands of twinkle lights. 
It will transform into a perfectly magical space:).

Even if you live in a triangle.
With sexy, faux wood panelling.


  1. I've never decorated our home to be so beautifully homey like yours. I would love to do that some day!!! I love all your decor…and seriously, a teepee?! LOL Awesome.

  2. Love Love Love it....Wow so much fun there!!!! Thanks for sharing Krista !!!

  3. Such a cute home Krista... warm and comfy. xx

  4. ahhh those banners are way too cute!! I've got a big blank wall in my house that I have NO clue what to do with and I justtttt may have to copy this idea! LOVE it.

  5. A wonderful home and the teepee is "ein wahrer Kindertraum" (a real childrendream)!!! Fantastic!!
    I need you as my interior decorator, do you have time ;).

  6. I love all your walls, so inspiring. I have blank walls, but I am too scared to decorate thinking I will make big mistakes. Pity you couldn't come and just decorate them for me!

  7. So beautiful...and fun! What a great, simple idea! And that teepee is awesome!

  8. Wonderful decorating of the unique home - made all the more special by the Love that abides there.

  9. these designs are really gorgeous

  10. I absolutely LOVE your house! You've made such a creative, peaceful space .. it's beautiful!

  11. Where do you get the lovely paper lanterns? Stars? Did you make them? I am so enthralled I want to make my bedroom so special as yours! The banners are already underway...of course, they have to have glitter on them for a little "Bling"! Share some more dear creative kindred spirit!

  12. So adorable and cozy! You've done so much redecorating since my babysitting days :)



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