Hoarding pumpkin-scented everythings.  Yesterday, I rubbed a pumpkin candle all over myself.  
(Kidding... but the thought has crossed my mind.)

Loving crochet doilies.  You'd think that I'd find a bajillion I like on etsy, but I am very picky about my doilies and the pattern used to crochet them.  I'm a doily snob.

So excited that The Walking Dead starts season 5 this weekend (knuckles to all Walking Dead fans).  I bought zombie cupcake toppers to celebrate.  Best $15 I ever spent.

Catching our breath after celebrating our 13th anniversary (say whaaaaat?) and the little guy's 9th birthday.  Did I ever tell you how much I love the Philips in my life? :)

Kissing Philly's teddybear.  Because he started this new thing where I need to kiss his bear on the head, ear, and lips before he can snuggle up and fall asleep each night.  I think I'm gonna cry when I am not asked to kiss bears at bedtime.  

Reading The Artisan Soul.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It literally has 7 chapters so, technically, it's the best type of book to finish in a week.  I doubt you will need that long.  Fills. Up. My.  Heart.  Love this book.  

Planning new projects.  I could have character necklaces listed in my shop very soon.  Niamh loves hers.  And she is my quality control, so I think I'm about ready to share them:). 

Drawing.  I've literally drawn for hours upon hours this week...but still feel the itch to get back to it every night when I put the pencil down.  I think that means I love my job:). 

Wanting to try this essential oils craze...but realizing I have a lot to learn since I've been rubbing my kids with straight up, undiluted lavender oil for weeks now.  I need someone to point me to a knowledgeable essential oil-er.  For the sake of my kid's greased up torsos.  

Missing Phil.  Because he has been off the last few weeks and returns to work tomorrow.  I love when we are all home together.  (sniffles)

Working at being better at hospitality.  I always felt hospitality-challenged since I suck at preparing food.  But, as I work at making our home and life more available to friends and family and impromptu visits, I am finding that the two gifts (cooking/baking and hospitality) are not in actuality connected.  And yes, sometimes I buy amazing cupcakes from Whole Foods and pretend I made them... but that is not the point.  I've enjoyed having new friends over and look forward to many more coffee dates on the couch.  With 'homemade' desserts.  ;)

Buying fresh flowers.  Every Friday.  I go through the house and empty all my vases and add new flowers to them.  If I could try a dream job for a day, I'd be a florist.  Or a fair trade coffee company owner who travelled the world for the best tasting coffee beans.  Maybe a mix of the two.  

Dreaming.  You ever just want to take a gigantic leap and try something bizarre and new and risky?  I feel like that all the time.  Maybe I'm just weird... But I think big dreams are a part of all of us and maybe the crystalized glimpses of what we are really made for.  

What is on your 'Currently' list?? 
I'd love to read yours:)...


  1. Currently gardening (it's spring here), with some card making thrown in - and hugging my family - one adult offspring has returned to town with their family, and another is planning to come in December - one happy grandma here :-)

    1. Sounds like you are having a great October!! <3

  2. Sounds like an amazingly full life to me :) I love that whenever I read your blog, (I always read but rarely comment), you are always so positive and finding the joy in life, even sometimes when things aren't going right.
    For myself currently I'm coping with a change to my job that's pretty stressful right now, so I'm attempting to immerse myself, I find the more I know, the more confident I am and the less stressed.

    I'm crafting lots, it's the ultimate de-stresser for me, it's amazing how much I feel the tensions in my body relax when I start to craft. This doesn't mean I'm super productive though, I'm a slow crafter, I like to get things right and I'm pretty fussy about what I create, it's definitely quality over quantity.

    Mostly I'm looking forward to my daughter's visit in a few weeks. Even now I still hate it that I don't get to see her every day, but it does make our time together more precious than ever and I've booked some time off work so that I can spend as much time as possible with her when she drives up. It's a double edged sword of course, because I'm always so happy when she comes, but then so sad when she goes, but at least I know I'll be seeing her again for Christmas a few short weeks later, so it shouldn't be so bad.
    I dream all the time and if I could, I know exactly what I'd do for that risky (it's not really bizarre). It may never happen and tbh I've been a dreamer since I was a child, maybe I never grew up :P but it helps keep me sane. I know most of them will never come true, but that doesn't really matter. I think we need dreams, they give us hope, help keep us sane (well ok the sanity boat may have sailed for me), and give us a little escape bubble from the harshness of the world around us, just for a little while.

    This seems to have turned into an essay doesn't it? But I don't often share and reading your post today I felt inspired to. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

    Linda :) xx

    1. I love all your thoughts <3 ... So hoping the time with your daughter goes by slowly and you get to soak up every minute of it!! I am so glad you shared... And I totally believe in being a dreamer forever:). xoxo

  3. I have tried writing. I am taking part in a 31 day Halloween blog Hop and for each image I colour I have made a background scene and written a few lines of an ongoing story. I am astonished that I have received so many comments from visitors wanting to know what happens next and getting really involved. How amazing to get feedback, makes me wonder if I can keep the momentum going....

    1. Checked out your blog~~ holy cow, how are you keeping up with this?! lol... I admire anyone who can continuously blog through a whole month. I have never done it. Looks awesome~ so fun to see each new project. Thanks for stopping by!! <3

  4. First of all, I need to tell you (again) how absolutely yummy your kids are!!! They are so adorable, I just want to smoosh them!!! In the kindest way of course!!! LOL! I just got my Fall things from storage today and can't wait to start making the house all cozy. My October is still all about the grandkids.... Kaitlyn decided to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, her new favorite movie of all time, mine too! So I made her costume and she looks adorable! Matthew is playing football and for 9, he is awesome... doesn't hurt that he's my grandson for me to say that!!! So we have Saturday football games, and soccer games for Kait... I love it!
    I want to get my room together so that I can start to sew, color and craft more. It's a huge mess right now, because it's been thrift store shopping and everything ends up in the art room! I adore doilies, too, but I take them all!!! My very pretty, unique ones are just for me, but the others will be parts of pillows soon!!!! Looking forward to your necklaces.... share!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend with the family!!

    1. Love this~ all of it!! I think it is so fun and exciting to pull out the boxes of decorations for the different seasons/holidays throughout the year! Totally get that!! :) Hope your Halloween is awesome~ sounds like you are a very proud (and rightly so!!) grandmom! I can literally read the excitement in your words:). Huge hugs Teri! <3

  5. For me at the moment it feels like a whirlwind.....not enough time to do 'me' things like colouring and making cards, but I did manage to make up some olives yesterday with lemon an spices ( they are waiting now for a couple of weeks to become all yummy).

    Balancing work and home and trying to keep my son Jack who is 17 motivated is a challenge which I am sure many understand all too well. He is in his final year at college and hopefully off to university this time next year......he just doesn't seem very switched on at the moment which is a huge worry.......

    My wonderful husband John and me have also just bought an amazing farmhouse in Southern Spain in the mountains.....ready for the next phase in our lives.....growing almonds olives, oranges, lemons etc...keeping chickens and goats maybe ...which is keeping me going during the frustrating times at work......its been our BIG Dream Krista now for 10 years.....saving and planning and it's finally coming true....

    A little scary but so exciting......

    Have a beautiful Sunday everyone......hugs xxxx

    1. whaaaaaaaaaaat???!!! A house in southern Spain?? Can I come live with you guys, lol.
      No seriously. Can i?

      Sounds absolutely magical!!

  6. My Monday Thankfulness list is up on my blog (www.childoflight.nl) tomorrow:-) Maybe you'd like to read along. I love your photo's, they are so dreamy. I have been reading along for a long time, but this is my first comment:-) I'm happy to hear you love what you do so much! Unfortunately, I can't do what I love right now, because of a severe anxiety disorder. But I try to find good things in every day. I hope you check my blog out, I'll make sure to keep following yours! x, Margriet

    1. Thank you for stopping by! And I loved reading your Thankful List~ we use to have goats, too... Ours were not as personality-filled as yours sound;)...just kind of cranky and naughty...but they were fun anyhow:). Love the changing leaves as well~ it is a beautiful time of year. Great things to be thankful for, definitely!! xx

  7. Love reading about other people's lives. I've blogged about what I'm up to here http://noseycritters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/currently.html


  8. Hmm...Currently, I am still picking strawberries from this summer's garden. WHAT?!
    Trying to keep on top of grad school work.
    Tossing around ideas with my love for Christmas craft-booth ideas.
    Making blooming apples...every. day. So much caramely goodness.
    Watching flea market flip on netflixs.
    Keep my little baby-no longer a baby- playing outside in the rocks, grass, etc. until the rains come.

    1. well that sounds absolutely delightful.
      i need to come hang out with you:).

      thanks for sharing, friend!! <3

  9. A very happy family, kids are cute.

  10. Ps...this makes me want to make a currently list....getting on that once Mateo goes down for a nap...I love celebrating every day life - big & small things alike!

  11. I wish I had enough money to have someone make me a pair of shoes that fit. I had 6 surgeries and lots of screw ups by doctors. I only have a choice of 2 shoes with my orthotic. It kinda stinks to have to wear a pair of tennis shoes to my daughter's up coming wedding. I think I'd like to be able to make shoes for people with problem feet. The good news is.............I can walk and I am grateful.



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