Snowflake Fairy Cupcake


Just a quick, fun idea for holiday cupcakes~

I colored half of my Snowflake Fairy.
Carefully cut her out.
Attached her to a paper straw.
And pushed her down into the frosting so the icing became her frilly skirt.

Don't ask if I made the cupcake.

After tomorrow, I think I will be in full-on Christmas mode.
I did break out the Netflix pretend fireplace that plays Christmas music the other night.
And I may or may not have listened to a Christmas song while I was alone in the car this week.

Just like the cupcake I "made", it can be our little secret;).
Hope you have a lovely end to your week, friends!


  1. so love your Festive cupcake xxx im feeling the urge for festive music, films and crafting too - so much earlier this year but im so loving christmas planning xx

  2. romfl...now I know you did not make that cake sweets!! bwah ha ha ha ha!! but the fairy..omg...she is devine!!! I am totally in my christams swing, been listening to enya and pentatonix for 2 weeks!!! lol!!
    huge hugs xxx

  3. Very cute cake, her dress looks delicious. Alexandra x

  4. What a wonderful idea! She's a cutie! :) xx

  5. awww, this is stinkin' cute Krista! She's looks so pretty in her creamy frilly skirt! ♥ this!!
    Enjoy your full-on Christmas mode :) and have a great end of your week!
    Big hugs
    Silvie xx

  6. what a fab idea, love it, tfs, hugs, Marion

  7. Ok, this is SOOO cute!! I love it and hmm, netflix has a fireplace w/Christmas music?? I'll be looking that up!

  8. Mmmmm How Delish! Great Idea Krista! Mum's the word! ;o)

  9. What a brilliant idea and you are not alone, we have bought all the childrens christmas presents just about. We also have to listen to christmas songs in secret otherwise the girls will be asking daily if it is christmas yet (they are only 2 & 4) x

  10. cool idea! lovin the cupcake fairy topper :)

  11. I love this Krista! So cute and so perfect for some fun Christmas Cupcake baking. Very, very cool. (I've been humming a few Christmas Carols myself lately. Hard not to when you're starting early on the Christmas cards!!) Big hugs, Wends x

  12. Ummm, such a lovely cupcake and topper! Love it!
    I am always so done with Halloween before it even gets here. Though I have not yet turned on the cable fireplace, I have had the Christmas tunes on a few times already - a great way to get in the spirit when getting a head start on the holiday cards and projects! Can't wait to decorate, but I do wait until after Remembrance day on Nov. 11th out of respect for our Veterans.
    Shanna :)



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