~Thanksgiving Table Inspiration~


We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year.
So the Thanksgiving 'pinning' has begun in full force.  
Niamh is my second in command and has been helping me add ideas to my thanksgiving board.  
These are some of our favorites.


(Anyone want to cut wood for me?)


(don't know what I like more, the color combo or the plates?)


(K.I.S.S. ... Always great advice.)



(White pumpkins are my favorite.)



(I already called my dad and asked for his extra deer antlers.)


One thing about holiday dinners/ parties at my place~ I only use paper products.  No fancy plates or dishes... because the last thing I want to do with a house full of family and food is stand at the sink doing dishes after dinner.  I just need to figure out how to keep it classy with my paper plates. 

That is a thing, right? 

Niamh and I have decided to go with a creme/beige/black/rose color scheme.
With white pumpkins and antlers.
(The last photo swayed me completely ... I love it.)

So, who is hosting holiday meals?
And (be honest) are you a paper plate user, too? ;)


  1. I love the last pic Krista. Looks fab. I say do what makes you happy. If paper plates and no washing up makes you enjoy the occasion more, do it. I'm from a family of seven kids, so we are pretty up for a paper plate supper. Lots of food, lots of laughter and lots of love, that's what will be remembered xxxx

  2. We seldom have holiday parties in our home. We live too "far away" for the rest. When we have Christmas dinner we go to my dad or sister and we all bring a dish or two. The table setting is easy, because fancy tables isn't really appreciated, but we don't have paper plates.


  3. I love all these rustic visions of holiday tables ... May have to tone down this year and use one of these beautiful ideas

  4. Love all these beautiful set ups!!! But all I can think of ( with sooo many kids in my family) is THE CLEAN UP!!!!!

  5. I love paper plates because I hate washing dishes 😁

  6. Follow! Been a follower from another account! Love your digi's and stories!

  7. We already had Thanksgiving since our nephew just got deployed to Japan for 3yrs. Wanted to have it before he deployed.

  8. Forgot to mention I prefer paper plates since I hate doing dishes, however, my mother in law insists on china for family "dinners".

  9. Wow great inspiration. I'm sure Thanksgiving will be great at your home.

  10. such a gorgeous inspirational post.... definatley paper plates I get the kids to decorate them.
    Hugs Kaylou xx

  11. Beautiful table settings, I would love to sit down with all those gorgeous things around me. hugs Shirleyxxx

  12. Some fab inspiration to work on Krista, have a lovely family thanksgiving with your family. Thank you for sharing your freebie with us over on Kit and Clowder, love her, looking forward to bringing her to life. Carolxx

  13. Beautiful assortment of photos. I use plates...I've got a lot of them; my own, my mother's, my grandmother's, my great-grandmothers (yes, really!) and I'm further along in life (probably close to the age of Bonnie's MIL in previous post) than you are, so this is what I know. I also find clean up kind of cathartic-oh, and did I mention, the cook does NOT clean up :) The plates are a part of my history, a legacy, and really add to the beauty of the table.

  14. I love them all! So creative and fun! We had our Thanksgiving earlier this month here in Canada. Both my family and hubby's are down south, so we just had a quiet Thanksgiving which was really nice too!! Love your choice and can't wait to see your take on it!



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