Holiday Curls~ 1.2.3.


I love loose, undone curls everyday~ but especially during holiday parties and events. 
Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, this technique will work.  The shorter your hair, the less twirls each curl will have.  I do this on Niamh's super short hair, and it looks really funky and cute.  

I start by pulling out a small section of hair.  
I spray my section with spray wax (just to help the curl hold).
In the photo above, it is my second day, product-filled hair-- but, it still worked.
(I love second day, product filled hair.  It is like second day spaghetti.  Something about it is just better.)

Then follow the 3 easy steps below for each section you pull out to curl.  
I usually end up with 20-25 pinned curls.
After they are all curled and pinned, I use my hair dryer on hot to lock in the curls. 
I usually 'blow-dry' for only 5-10 minutes and then leave them in to cool.
Then I take out all the bobby pins, flip my head over, and comb through the roots of the curls with my fingers (just a little).  


They last for (fingers crossed) two days.  
Once the curls start to look ratty, it is ponytail day.
I can usually squeeze out a good ponytail day towards the end:).

Hope this helps some of you achieve lasting curls for your special holiday get togethers!
Happy Curling;).


  1. Thank you so much for the tips Krista!! And photos, AND drawings!!! I need all the help I can get! LOL!! I am plagued with sickeningly straight hair, and I can NEVER get my curls to hold! I will definitely be trying the pinning bit.
    And I completely agree-2nd day hair is always the best for some reason.--I always wondered if I was the only one that tried to make it all last as long as possible!!! (I also do the 3rd day pony-if at all possible!!) I love it!!! ♡♡♡

  2. Ohhhh I needed this one two weeks ago for my works Spring Ball, your curls look fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing this post!!!

  3. Very pretty!! My hair is natural curly so some days are ringlet days and some days are lazy curl days lol that need a little help! But I love it :)

  4. Is that new ink on our neck?? Thanks for the tutorial! Just in time for date nite ;)

  5. Really pretty Krista, thank you for sharing :) I have curly/wavy hair and it drives me nuts lol i really should try something like this though.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend x

  6. Very nice Krista! I love that you posted this. I have to agree on the second day hair thing, much better and easier to work with. Clean hair is too smooth and slippery. My hair is too thick to do this, it would take me an hour but I found some hot rollers that work well and I get the same effect. TFS! Lizzy

  7. Looking fabulous l hope it does last for 2days x

  8. Thanks for this tip. I love your curls. :)

  9. I am so bad at doing my hair! Thanks for the tips! I will give it a try. I will have to find spray wax. I have not heard of it before :)

  10. do you start with wet or dry hair and which works better? What type of pins? Fat thick coated? I have med-long thin hair that is stubborn.

  11. hmmm - not my style, but VERY pretty on you :-).

  12. You look beautiful Krista. LOVE the curls. Hugs, Wends x

  13. ahhh! i cannot wait until my hair gets long enough again to do curls like this. xoxo



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