Easy DIY Ornament~


Each Christmas, I need to figure out those gifts for friends/family that are small, affordable, and preferably handmade.  I'd love to give out plates of cookies...but that would just be mean.  Cookies and I do not get along.  The bar is pretty low~ I shoot for 'almost edible'... Which doesn't make them especially coveted gifts:). 

This Christmas, we decided on ornaments.  For our small family gifts, we used a cute photo from earlier this year of the kids.    Added a little sparkly snow.  A hook.  And for just a couple dollars, have a sweet ornament to give out. 

For friends, if you don't want to add a photo of your kids or family, you could print out a favorite quote, Bible verse, or even use a colored digital scene instead.  

Supplies you'll need:

large clear (plastic) ball ornament
iridescent/ sparkly snow
optional ribbon or snowflake to tie onto the top of the ornament
photo/ paper insert


Our ornament has a circumference of 12".  The photo inside measures 2.9" x 8"... just for reference.  

When you add the photo/ insert, roll it up gently and then push it into the opening at the top.  It will unravel inside.  You may need to help it a bit with a pencil, but it is pretty easy.  


Happy Christmas crafting!


  1. Oooh so pretty and what a lovely idea x

  2. Much better than cookies anytime! This is a gift that can be treasured forever. Lovely idea - will have to have a look around and see if we can get these clear ornaments in New Zealand.

  3. What sweet ornaments, and it is a novel way to give a photo of your beautiful children.

  4. Gorgeous bauble and gorgeous photo too, thanks for sharing xx

  5. Such a fun idea! And doesn't appear to be too difficult to put together! Thank you!

  6. Those pics of person taking the pic always look so cool!!

    I absolutely love this idea!! I may even still have time to make some - thanks for the tutorial and idea! Yours is beautiful!

  7. I absolutely LOVE this!! What a great idea!!!

  8. Wow. I love this, and it looks super easy!!

  9. super cute!! i think handmade gifts are so wonderful. this year i did little mini jars of homemade laundry soap to the girls from our small group.




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