New Year.

2015 is just a couple hours away for us.
2014 was a huge learning year for me, personally.  
Looking back, there is growth and a lot of soul shifting.
Turmoil.  Redemption.  Grace.  Humility.
I am thankful for journeys that have winding roads and tangent paths~
Travels in heart and faith that really never end, but just curve generously around new bends.
In new directions. 

We do revolutions instead of resolutions. 
Since we've been away this week, I haven't spent much time thinking about mine for the new year.
I'm mostly just excited for the places 2015 will take us.
What shape it will give to our hopes and dreams as we move through it.  
Maybe that is my revolution~ 
To enjoy the journey in the moment.  
Putting less energy into expectations.
Spending my time in awe of the daily gifts;
And looking eagerly around each new turn.

Happy 2015, friends~
Hoping your year is full of goodness.


  1. Happy New Year Krista and family. I love what you said about trying to enjoy and really BE present in the Moment. That really hits home with me this week, and as we ring in the new year. A family friend lost her 12 yr old daughter this week in a totally freak, random accident. It's been a pretty tough week. And sadly it's things like this that remind us how much we take for granted and lose focus of what's truly important.

  2. Blessings to you and yours this year Krista - may you know joy and Peace that passes understanding as you pass through life this year - and yes, enjoy the journey.

  3. Happy new year Krista and family, I hope 2015 is a happy, healthy and blessed year for you all xx

  4. Happy New Year Krista! Wish you and your family a happy and blessed year full of love, learning, and growing.

  5. Happy new year Krista! hugs! Mojca

  6. Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous family beautiful mama. Hugs, Wends x

  7. Krista - can anyone join your Facebook group? I am not seeing a join group option



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