Book Review, Tables in the Wilderness


I've read two books in 2015. 
(SiDE NOTe: I'm almost done a re-read of Walking on Water-- because it just needs to be read every.single.year. and am half way through this book, which the author calls a "commitment"... a rather apt description.)

The Bible Tells Me So, by Pete Enns. 
I thought about doing a book review for that one because I doubt I will read a better book all year.
(Which kind of sucks because I read it completely on January 5th... which leaves me 360 days of knowing I already read the book to "beat" for 2015.)  I chose not to because...well, just read it, okay?  It will be a hard pill to swallow for many.  I almost choked like every other page.  But it is honest and difficult and challenging in the best ways.  Peter Enns jumped to the top of my Theologians I'd Love to Have a Beer With list.  

Oh...the questions I'd ask. 

The second book I finished is Tables in the Wilderness by Preston Yancey.  It is a memoir of a journey through "God Found, Lost, and Found Again," as the book jacket put it. 

It is inviting and beautiful, through and through.  
He writes things like

God is unchanging, but we're standing on the image we see.   
One day we wake up and find that God has shifted the image.  
Everything looks different.  
The world looks different.  
The world seems new.  
The trick is learning how to recognize that all the old colors are still there.  
It's just the patterns that have changed.  

Somewhere this past year I read the quote, "If your theology never changes, maybe there is something wrong with your theology."  And it has stuck with me; daily creeping into those places that had become really.very.totally secure~ places that probably looked more like walls built by an indifferent acceptance of everything I'd been taught in my very-Christian life for years and years and years.  

The point of the quote is NOT that God changes.
But that I often have Him pegged. 
Figured out.  
How foolish I was to live like that for so long. 

In the places of growth there is always some discomfort and pain~ and this is the part of the book that deeply resonated with my own experience.  The silence of God.  The long days of knowing God is there (intellectually) but not being able to know His presence or closeness.


Yancey graciously guides readers to see through his own wilderness journey that there is a table there.  
A table spread for the wilderness wanderer.  
The silence is an opportunity to hear.  
And this place is inhabited by God.

I've already passed mine along to Phil. 
He pretty much knew he had to read it when I spent 23 of 24 hours one day on the couch telling everyone to "shhh."  It's just a beautiful, encouraging reminder that the wilderness is a dwelling place~ 

A hearing place.
And there are tables spread for us all.


Leave a comment with a book recommendation.
One person will be gifted Yancey's book~ 
(I'll be sure to send a new copy and not my scribbled/underlined/ruined-margins one:)


  1. I recomment the book
    You See Bones-I See an Army BN23 6NT Writing by Floyd McClung
    Gr Elly

  2. I know it's been around for a long while now, but Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. (Actually- now that I think of it, I might have read that after reading your recommendation of it.) I got around to reading it at just the right time- it was everything I needed to hear, and I think it's one that I need to read yearly.

    I love when you do book reviews! I've ordered three that you've mentioned here over the last several months!

  3. Tears at Night, Joy at Dawn - a journal of a Dying Seminarian. A remarkable journal kept by a young man who, whilst training to be a priest, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The book is his journey through this dark time. The faith he shows in God and the love he shares in his words moved me to tears whilst reading it, challenged me deeply to review my own faith with Christ and has made me more determined to live each day to the fullest and give thanks for what I have.

  4. Oh Kristi what an awesome sounding book. i have been a bit slack when it comes to reading theological books, but one fiction series that has me returning to it nearly every year (unheard of until now) is the C.D Baker Series Journey of Souls about the Children's Crusades. The lesson there is to let God be God and follow Him, not the 'rules and regulations' of mankind.
    The writing, research and language use is phenomenal, and what I have learnt from those three books about life for the poor in Europe during the early 13th Century, and the domination of the 'organised church' was frightening. For all that it also gave me a far greater understanding of some of today's theology too.

  5. I am reading a book about the Rosary- sharing it with hubby so we can get better about praying together.....when 2 or more are gathered in my name ........ : )
    God Bless you for all of your wonderful posts!

  6. Krista, such a wonderful post this time. Your inner beautify makes me smile daily but this post I read and re read. I wish I had a book recommendation for you, but in truth I don't think I have ever read something that touched me in the way you describe this book did for you and I would only do you an injustice. You have left me very thoughtful since yesterday when I first read your post (ipad wouldn't let me comment then) and I have returned today to re read and just to say, thank you for being you x

  7. It is always great when we can read or do something that hits us in the gut and makes us realize that life is constantly changing but the basics will always be the basics ..as for a book recommendation I am not quite as insightful but I just finished Discovery of Witched and I loved it..take care and I love reading your posts!!! Hugs those kiddies and your hubby they are a constant..

  8. Jonathan Martin's book Prototype--very different spirituality tradition (Pentecostal) but incredible similar effect for a soul in the wilderness.

  9. I have always thought that I would read a book when I need it and not when I want it. I don't particularly read theological books, but after reading your post and your review I will get both of them. Thank you for your insight and sharing your experience. You have a beUtiful soul.

  10. Hi Krista, I enjoyed reading your post. This book sounds like the sort of book I would love to read. I really did find that table in the wilderness. A wilderness that was so dark and yet there He was. Such a closeness I will never forget. I so wanted to be with Him but it just wasn't my time. Cancer is such an ugly word but it brought me closer to my Father than I had ever been. He is so faithful. He gives us a future and a hope. One book I did like reading was 'The fire of delayed answers' written by Bob Sorge. It's a few years old now but still relevant for now.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful book. This was a very good review. Thank you.

  12. The Bible tells me sounds very interesting! You inspired me to find it and read it, will go back here when finish it.

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