Stories, Not Here.


This season of our lives has been filled with relational living. Inviting people into our home and day; being invited into the hearts and homes of others.  Occasionally, in it all, I think about blogging or sharing, but I love it too much to turn it into a post or 'share'. 

Somewhere back in the near past, Phil and I talked together about living on mission-- life on life.  Being part of a bigger family; a bigger story.  And then it happened, and it's exhausting and exciting all in one breath.  I'm thankful for dear friends, for laughter and late nights, crowded homes, and brimming hearts.  I'm happy for a calendar that fills with dinners, conversations over coffees, and tables needing more chairs to be pulled up-- all of us squished and happy-- talking over craft beer about love languages and old stories.  

So here is a full 4 months of pictures...and the realization that I suck at blogging consistently. 
But I'm kinda okay with that. 
I think there are seasons where I'm going to want to tell a story,
But it will be in my backyard under the stars and twinkle lights.
And that is okay, too:).

You are more than welcome to show up.
I always have a full pot of coffee brewed.


  1. ������
    So. Much. Yes.

  2. oh hunny, one day Mo and I have our pipedream of surprising you all by 'popping in' he talks about it often!! xxxxx

  3. Wonderful way to live!!

  4. Krista, this was such a lovely post to happen on today. I love seeing snippets of your life. It warms my heart and makes me smile. Seeing you living and authentic life, where family is the focus and friends fill your house, that is ... well it's just dang awesome! I see your heart mama and your beautiful infrequent posts full of joy and wonder and life's beautiful moments are way cooler than regular 'oh dang I gotta think of something to say and sound witty' posts. (Hehe, you NEVER did those posts BTW, even when you did blog more often). My life is full of newborn baby smells (my lovely English best buds not mine!), poorly kids (mine, boohoo) and snatched moments with my lovely hubby, that I treasure and enjoy so much. 21 years together and he is still the one I crave to be with every day. Not sure why I felt compelled to share that with you, but you just have that effect on me! LOL. Hugs to you amazing beautiful mama, Wends x

  5. Bunch of great photos.

  6. Krista I just love getting to see all the photos of tour beautiful family. You are so gifted at capturing those lovely moments on film. Thank you for taking the time to share them and that little piece of yourself with us. Love you bunches! 💛💛💛

  7. grateful to be a tiny part of your story, your community. keep encouraging love!



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