Planner DIY.


This is the part of our year that feels like a fresh start.  
We begin school on Monday, so I've been filling my planner with 'to-do's' galore.
Usually, I buy a new planner.  But I am trying to use old things better...
So, I bought cheap insert pages this year. 
And a couple packs of stickers...
Making do with what I have is being creative in and of itself.

I like to separate my planner sections with folders/dividers. 
All the cute packs of them seem like a waste of money, so I just make my own. 
You can too.
All you need is cardstock (preferably printed, something cute:).
Clear packing tape. 
Hole punch.
And then to make it way better than any store-bought divider-- use some of your scrapbooking stickers/alphas/washi tape and decorate it. 

 ~fold a piece of cardstock to a slightly bigger width than your planner pages
(Erasmus was really interested in this project)
~fold a smaller piece to use as your tab 
attach it with the packing tape...kinda like laminating it
(I cover all the corners of the divider too so they don't get worn quickly)

~cut out a square and sew it to one side of your page
now you have a little pocket

~use clear photo pockets that have a sticky strip to hold stickers/receipts

~this photo has nothing to do with my planner
it is just cute;)

 Happy school year planning, peeps. 
Remember-- cute planners accomplish more;). 

**Winners of the custom monster drawing-- Pocono Pam and Danielle Bartnik.
Please email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com to receive your custom piece. 


  1. Love your planner. Don't use planners anymore, since I put everything in my calendar at my phone, but when I used one I often had a cute one that I decorated too. In school we had the sport to make it as thick as possible to put as much as you could between it in pockets, or just glued in. Wasn't useful anymore, but we loved it.

    Really love that photo of your cats.


  2. Your planner is utterly sweet! I think I'm going to try to make one too. Thanks for enabling :)

    Congrats to the winners Whohoooo!
    Your bald babies are awesome :)

  3. Loving the renew and refresh approach! So need to do that with mine. Love the stitched pocket idea too :) xxx

  4. Love this. I'm not usually a planner girl but I have started adding stickers to my diary/planner and making it more fun to use. Think I'm going to take inspiration from yours. Take care Zo xx

  5. YAY!!! I won!!!!!!!! Your planner ROCKS!!!!!!



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