School Days. (and a giveaway!)


Mid-week, first week.
Third year of homeschooling. 
We already lit all the fall scented candles. 
And visited Starbucks twice to do math. 

There is something oddly comforting about the schedules and schoolwork that wait for us after all the long, lazy summer days.  It's a new beginning--familiar, exciting, and sweetened just an extra bit by pumpkin lattes and soft cardigans.  Plus, I can start wearing my Doc Martens again and ditch the flipflops.  Which might be the best part of it all.

I want this school year to be marked by good mornings, slow-paced days, time spent together, growing friendships, creativity in the mundane, and noticed beauty. 

Hope your fall is filled with all the things that make this time of year special...
That wonderful messy, mix of calendar dates;
homework; hot mugs of coffee; 
stews and soups; pumpkins on the step; 
and cozy, early evenings at home. 

**I am giving away TWO Fairy Friends t-shirts on my Facebook page this Friday.  If you have not checked out the new book I illustrated, please click over to this Kickstarter campaign. There are --->exclusive fairy digis available<--- and lots of other rewards for donating!!  Even sharing the project is much appreciated... Join our Facebook giveaway for a chance to win a tee for your kiddo...


  1. I would love a big kid tshirt to be honest for me :-)

    I have pledged though already so hope that the project gets off the ground as I love the idea. I have a fairy door I made myself by my fireplace and there's only me that lives there...lol no kiddies but I love fairies, especially yours :-)

  2. As you enter Autumn, we are starting to warm up with spring - enjoy the cooler days .

  3. I adore fall too, the colours and the smell on forest walks is soft and gentle and yes...that old and friendly cardigan feeling!
    I wish you all a fabulous first term back :D

  4. A Very Fairy Door is a sweet project Krista! How AWESOME that your illustrations are a part of it!!!!

  5. Enjoy the new school year! You're amazing Krista, all that you do. Your kiddos are so blessed to have you teaching, guiding and playing with them. I bet you're learning a little along the way too! Love the snippets of your adventures you share. My Georgie today, smashed her personal best at Archery by 60 points. I could not have felt prouder of her and my little dude, well delish sums him up, utterly and completely. Spring is here and life is good. Hugs, Wends x



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