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$200 Copic Marker Giveaway!

saturated canary digis 

I think it is time for a fun giveaway!

I am giving away a prize worth approx. $200 to  (They only ship to the US and Canada, but everyone can enter...if you are overseas and win, I will ship them first to myself then to *you*!)

Winner chooses either 22 ink refills (colors of their choice) or 25 sketch markers (colors of their choice).

Here is how to enter for multiple chances to win:
(please read ALL of the rules/directions below!)

~Mandatory entry~ you MUST be a follower of Saturated Canary and leave a comment,
what is your favorite color combo?

~Multiple entries (see rafflecopter)~

Follow on Bloglovin'
Follow on Instagram (@kristacanary)
Follow on Facebook
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**Each entry weighs differently in your chances to win~ so be sure to do as many as you can!**

PLEASE enter through the RAFFLECOPTER (it is easy, promise;) and be sure to follow my blog and comment to take care of your *mandatory* entry;).  The giveaway is open until April 10 @ 11:59 pm.  Winner will be contacted by Friday, April 12.

Good luck, lovelies!
EDIT~ this giveaway is now closed! 


LETs PiN ... and WIN some COPIC MARKERS!!

I'd like to invite you all to join in another Pinterest contest:).  This one is set up a little different, and should be really fun:).  Also, it is up to you to increase your chance of winning-- so you control the outcome to a degree...

Please pay CAREFUL attention to the rules.  Failure to comply with the way the game is set up will cause your board to be disqualified.  

So, most important, what are we playing for??...
How about 30 Copic Sketch Markers, of your choice?
Fun, huh?!!  

Here are the rules. 
Be careful to pay close attention:).

Please only enter if you are a follower of this blog, thank you!

1.  Start a new Pinterest Board and title it: SC Contest ~ME~...This board should be a reflection of *you*...what you love, your favorites!!

2.  On the picture below these rules, you will find 12 prompts.  You should have at *least* one pin on your board for each prompt.

3.  At least one of the 12 pins should come from my blog (you're already here:) or my challenge blog (you can pin a card or project for the 'SC Character' prompt:).  

4.  The SC Contest picture (below) MUST be pinned to your board as well.  

5.  To enter your board for prize consideration, please COPY and PASTE its URL to the comments of THIS PHOTO. This is how I will see each board.  MAKE SURE YOUR URL WORKS.  I cannot retrieve boards I cannot see.  

6.  Now that you've completed steps 1-5, share your board!  Post a link on Facebook...or on your blog.  Encourage people to go look at it-- Because the person whose BOARD has the most total REPINS throughout their photos will win the Copic Markers.  You can see re-pins on the board below circled in red.  These will be what is tallied for each person who enters:). 

It is your job to promote your board!  Be creative and watch the re-pins pile up:).

saturated canary digis 

**If there is a tie for first place between two or more boards (same amount of total "re-pins"), those boards will be put in a random drawing.  One person's entry will be randomly chosen to win the prize.  

saturated canary digis 

If you are not a Pinterest member yet and want in on the fun, you will need to ask for an invitation from the Pinterest site.  This could take a couple days to receive...So, the faster way, would be to email me and ask for an invitation:).  I will be sure to add you!  My email is  PLEASE use the subject line PINTEREST INVITE for the email.

The contest runs until Sunday, February 17 at 4pm EST.  That is when the tallies are made and the winner will be determined.  Re-pins may continue after that time, but they will not count toward the contest.  Winner will be announced on Monday, February 18!

Okay lovelies! Get pinning:).  Share your boards!!!!! That is the most important part for you!  And I look forward to looking through your boards and being inspired by all the different photos for each prompt!

Good luck:).
Here is an example board, too...just in case you wanna see:).

*This contest is not endorsed or supported by the Copic Marker Company. 
It is a giveaway gift to one lucky reader from myself.  


Coloring Hair E-Book Giveaway!!, Zoe McGrath

saturated canary digis 
Been a little MIA this week because I had a sick little mama here at home.  Niamh caught a nasty summer bug, and she has been in bed most of the week.  She started feeling better yesterday, so hopefully we are just about past it.  

Since I have not posted for a few days, I think this will be a great way to get back into the swing of things!  This is a new e-book by the lovely Zoe McGrath.  The book focuses on coloring long hair and giving it depth, bringing out it's shape and curves, and basically how to graduate into 'awesome-hair-colorer' status:).  

I chose to try her techniques with a red-head. This e-book is very easy to follow, and Zoe explains everything really well.  This is my first and only try so far, and looking back, I think I should have used a dark brown for the really dark color.  My 'dark' red is just not giving me the shadows I want...But, for a first try, I am happy:).  I was able to get a 'strand' look...which is my favorite part of Zoe's coloring.  I like the hair to look like separate pieces.  

saturated canary digis 
I am one stop in a blog hop full of pretty hair coloring!:)...Here is the complete list of ladies.  Be sure to check out their beautiful coloring skills, too:). 

saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
You can purchase the e-book here.  Also, check out Zoe's other coloring manuals-- each one is a wealth of coloring knowledge and experience ...and will prove to be a useful tool time and time again! Also, the e-book comes with this *exclusive* image.  It will not be available later in my shop.

And TWO of my readers will receive the 'Coloring Long Hair' e-book for free!  Woop!Woop!  Here is how to enter the giveaway:

Follow Saturated Canary
Leave a comment.  
What is your favorite color(s) marker(s) to use for hair?
Mine is a Pink/Red combo:).  
Bet you never expected that;).

The giveaway closes on Monday, August 27th.

Easy-peesy:).  Remember to check out the other girls in the hop.  There will be a ton of great hair-inspiration...Getcha markers ready girls!  You'll be in the mood to color some hair today!:)


Heather's Hobbie Haven, A GIVEAWAY:)

saturated canary digis 
Today I have a special giveaway from Heather's Hobbie Haven!

Here is a little about Heather and her special shop:
I'm Heather and I started Heather's Hobbie Haven because I love to color and share it with others.  You can find card kits, scrapbook supplies, coloring mediums and tutorial's along with other fun stuff.  Coloring isn't just for kids.... Come check us out! :O)

Heather is celebrating her one year anniversary:).
To celebrate, Heather is giving away two card coloring kits (Copic and Watercoloring) to one lucky girl!  Here is how to enter the giveaway:

For each one, please leave a comment.  
That will increase your chances of winning:).  
CLOSES Monday, August 20.

**You can also receive 25% off paper pads in Heather's shop until 8/20 using code: SATURATEDCANARY.**

Good luck and 
Happy Anniversary, Heather:)!


Cool. Warm.

We are taking a spur of the moment trip to Providence, RI.  I am trying to tackle last minute things to get us moving toward our destination later tonight when Phil gets home.  I wanted to pop in today just for a fun, short post (won't keep all you busy girls long!:)...

This is a new digi, to be released late this month, named 'Butterfly Princess.'  Philly was so cute yesterday, he had this little white butterfly on the end of his finger...and it would not fly away.  He thinks its his new friend:).  So, he is the butterfly prince, if your wondering:)...And now I'm thinking this girl needs a Philly in her life:)...(Note to self:  include Prince in next release.  hint.hint:).

I colored her up in warm and cool colors.  It's funny, because when I color, I prefer warm colors.  I'm always reaching for a red or brown.  They are my go-to's:).  But, when I colored her with my cool Copic colors, I think I liked her even more:). 

saturated canary digis

And my warm colors version...

saturated canary digis

So...let's hear it!  
Are you a warm color or cool color kinda girl? 
Don't skip away without carefully pondering this critical, important question in your life, LOL...

Seriously, though.
*Three* comments will be randomly selected to win the next release (including the Butterfly Princess...and her Prince!)  of Saturated Canary digis at the end of the month!

Happy coloring, friends!


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